"My family has been driving to Mountain Meadow Ranch since early 1986.  I can't remember even one time when we did NOT want to come. Not one of us.  Whether as camper, counsellor, ranch hand, or simply a visitor, Mountain Meadow Ranch has always been a place we have truly appreciated and enjoyed.
The setting is paradise and a haven for peace and meeting with God. When I am there, there is a song in my heart, and often one on my lips, grateful with praise to God for all His Wonderful ways. It is a wonderful place to get away for a few hours, a weekend retreat, or even longer for a camp. It is an almost perfect to meet up with Jesus and get to know Him better, and to love and want to serve Him more."  Joy (mother in the family)

"I love Mountain Meadows as a Camp Director.  It is a rustic and wooded environment that allows my kids to connect with the Creator.  It also allows freedom of planning and there are never any unseen expenses." ~ Director

"I have been coming to Mountain Meadows for 25 years now, I have loved every year.  It is peaceful and open.  It allows me time to connect with God as I experience His creation." ~ Camper

I have been blessed by Mountain Meadow Ranch over the past 30 years while participating in leadership with High School Christian Youth Groups, Inner City Youth Camps, Christian Men's Retreats, and Cooking for Kid's Camp. The environment,staff, and facilities continue to be our #1 "Go To" location for spiritual inspiration and rejuvenation."

John Rhodes

Director, Men's Ministries
Open Door Fellowship Church

"I have been using MMR for various camps for the better part of 10 years now.  The rustic cabins, spacious campus, quiet creek, fresh air, and beautiful forest all make MMR a second home for me. The staff is friendly, attentive, and works alongside you to further the Gospel. It's the perfect location for any church or ministry within your church."
Joshua E. Tompkins
Associate Pastor, Hillside Baptist Church
1st VP at AZSBC